Good Hope Meat Hyper offers a comprehensive range of fresh and processed meats, as
well as a deli and a bakery. Groceries, frozen food and cooked meals form part of our
offering. Research and development enable us to continuously update our product
lines and stay relevant

Meat and Meat Products

Good Hope Meat Hyper offers a comprehensive range of fresh Halaal lamb, beef, chicken and veal, as well as meat products such as sausages, burger patties and cold meats. These include 48 different types of cold meat cuts, 13 different types of sausages and 8 different kinds of burger patties.

We also offer an exclusive range of very tender veal cuts and our hand-selected baby beef can be cut according to your specifications.

  • Special requests:  Retail and wholesale customers can request special selections and cuts of meat. We also custom-design recipes and products, and cater for special needs. Kindly discuss your needs with our master blockmen or managers.
  • Pre-packed meat:  Choose from a wide range of conveniently pre-packed or vacuum-packed meats in our state-of-the-art high-back counter. The counter is restocked with fresh meat every day.
  • Professional advice:  Our well-trained and experienced master blockmen and instore cooks will gladly provide you with professional advice that will help you make any meal made with our products a roaring success.

A variety of fresh chicken cuts can be purchased daily in bulk packs or individual portions. We also stock free-range chicken.

Continental Deli

Our continental Deli offers a wide variety of cold meats, sausages and pastrami. At the cold-meat counter you can choose from 48 different kinds of cold meats that are prepared from traditional family recipes or exciting new ones. We use genuine German beech-wood smokehouses for our smoked meats.

Hot Deli
This is the ideal place to stop for delicious home-made food! Choose from home-made hot meals, pies, sausage rolls, roast chicken, chops, samoosas, pastas, curries, platters, and many more.

Due to refurbishments, our bakery is currently closed. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Due to refurbishments, our pastry section is currently closed. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Frozen Foods

Our customers can save time and effort by stocking up on Good Hope Meat Hyper’s convenience foods, which include frozen vegetables, meat patties, savouries including pies, samoosas, springrolls,and halfmoons, raw pastries, rooti balls and rolled rooties.


We are known for our tasty beef biltong, biltong sticks, dried sausage and chicken biltong.


Good Hope Meat Hyper offers conventional household items, including a wide variety of spices, dairy products, frozen pastries, pickles, frozen vegetables, biscuits and soft drinks. We also sell phone cards and a selection of cookbooks.

We also specialise in family braais. Whatever you need for your braai, this is your one-stop shop for everything from meat, spices and soft drinks to charcoal and braai grids.